Jayla Patton 

A Local artist involved in drawing Zine comics.
An animation major turned teacher she began drawing comics two years ago due to the amazing support of some local indie comic artists and hasn't regretted it since. She's currently working on "Sick", an indie comic, about a young woman who has a magical awakening.

Bill Boichel

Is a cultural connoisseur, of sorts, who owns and operates  The Copacetic Comics Company in Pittsburgh. Bill has worked in comics retail for over 35 years. And with those years of accreted knowledge he has insight into the history and workings of Comics. He has academia speaking experiences on the topic of comics and pop culture.

​​Wizard World Pittsburgh November 4-5 2016

Wayne Wise

Is a freelance writer/artist living in Pittsburgh. In the 90's he co-created the Xeric Award winning comic GREY LEGACY, worked as an inker for Malibu Graphics, and began working at Phantom of the Attic Comics (an Eisner Award nominated comics retailer). He has four novels available, serves Board for the Pittsburgh Toonseum and teaches “Comics and Popular Culture” as an adjunct professor at Chatham University. .

Shawn Atkins

Is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. Originating from Fremont Ohio, he came to Pittsburgh to attend art school where he learned animation. Atkins is currently living in Pittsburgh producing a web-comic called "Gello Apocalypse".

Bill Boichel - Shawn Atkins - Jayla Patton - Gregory Garay - Wayne Wise  

​The Black Heroes Movement

Gregory Garay.

Is a comic book cartoonist of Panamanian heritage who was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx NYC. After moving to Pittsburgh five years ago he started a comic called "Jack B:Ride the Air", which is a roller derby set in the sky. It's about brilliant teens who re-engineer old air filtration units into rocket boots that clean the air. 

Black Heroes Movement panel discussion